We will be starting our Men's Eclectic competition this week.  The Mid Week competition will begin on Wednesday and the Weekend event on this Saturday. 
In this event Dot Golf logs your best score on each hole through the year.  Prizes are paid out for gross and half net, under the rule of 1 prize per player, with the higher value prize to be paid out.
The competition will run on every Wednesday and Saturday that the full course is in play.
This year the charge for entry into the Eclectic will be $1 per round.  Payment will be an element of the daily scramble.
In 2019 we had a major sponsor (St Andrews Village), but last year with the disruptions we had no sponsor.  Players will be able to decide each playing day if they want to enter the event or not for that day.  The competition will log only those days for which an entry fee is paid.