The Club had a very strong representation in the Auckland teams to play Wellington in Taupo over the weekend.  Matthew Cormack captained the Senior team and was joined by Rakesh Patel in this team.  The Women's team included Kelly Wu, Chloe Lam and Rebekah Blackwell-Chin among their 6-player team, and the Juniors supplied 5 of the 6-player team - Robby Turnbull, Daniel Freeman, Nathan Smith, Eamon Wairepo and Finlay McKechnie.
The Seniors lost to Wellington overall by 8.5-11.5.  Matthew and Rakesh joined forces in the foursomes to win the only match for Auckland by 6/4.  They both lost their reverse singles matches narrowly on Saturday afternoon - Matthew by 2/1 and Rakesh by 3/2.  However they both secured points in the Sunday singles - Matthew winning 1up and Rakesh getting a half.
The Juniors retained the trophy beating Wellington 8-7.  In the foursomes it was almost a clean-sweep.  Nathan Smith & Finlay McKechnie winning 3/2, Robby Turnbull and Joshua Cassin winning 5/4, and Daniel Freeman & Eamon Wairepo getting a half.  The Saturday afternoon reverse singles saw wins to Nathan (1up), Daniel (4/3) and Robbie (half) - both Finlay (1down) and Eamon (4/2) posted losses.  The singles on Sunday morning saw Nathan maintain his perfect record, winning 1up, and Eamon getting a good win 4/3.  Finlay, Daniel and Robby all lost their matches.  The Juniors have now not lost to Wellington for over 10 years.
In the Women's event it was also a narrow win to Auckland by 8-7.  Kelly Wu (with her partner, Chloe So) won their only match in the foursomes by 7/6.  The afternoon singles went the way of Auckland with wins to Kelly Wu (5/4) and Rebekah Blackwell-Chin (4/3) - Chloe Lam lost her first singles match.  On Sunday morning Chloe recorded a big win by 7/6 and Rebekah won on the last hole.  Kelly lost narrowly on the final hole.
Congratulations, everyone!