Mid-Week Captains
3 of the 4 Quarter Final matches went at least to the final hole.  Colin McGowan beat Keith Aitchison on 19th hole, Murray Wells (over John Sims) and Bruce Renshaw (over Glen Larsen) on the 18th green.  Barry Hall had a more comfortable win over Phil Lawson.
The semi final matches next Wednesday are:
Barry Hall vs Bruce Renshaw and Colin McGowan vs Murray Wells.
Club Championships – Match Play Quarter Finals
Open Grade – Matthew Cormack was the only early winner, 5/4 over Max Clarke.  The other matches all went to extra holes.  Chris Goad finally beat Robby Turnbull on the 20th, while Nathan Smith (Thai Leng) and Scott Robertson (Kahu Tataurangi) both won on the 19th.  Semi-final match ups – Matthew Cormack vs Chris Goad; and Nathan Smith vs Scott Robertson.
Intermediate - The winners were Kailesh Patel (over Mark Carroll), Oliver Foote (beat Cameron Pocock), Dean Palmer (over Ronnie Tan) and Callum Murchison (beat Don Hannam).  The semi-final matches are – Kailesh vs Oliver; and Dean vs Callum on Saturday.
Junior – Glen Larsen defeated Bruce Renshaw 3/2 in a match up that was to be repeated in the Mid- Week Captains where Bruce turned the tables with a win on the 18th hole.Other winners were – Ross Taylor (by default over Mark Morphy), Andrew Williams beat Russell Thompson, and Erik Jorgensen over Paul Hurtley.  This Saturday it is Glen vs Ross, and Andrew vs Erik in the semi-finals.
C Grade  - Richard Osborne defeated Ken Taylor (4/3), Mark Boucher (2/1) over Rollo Gillespie, Peter Kusabs (2up) on Suresh Hallikeri, and John Hill by 5/3 over Christie Xavier.  On Saturday the battles are between – Richard vs Mark; and Peter vs John.
D Grade - Last Saturday the winners were – Sid Holloway over Richard Fairey (5/4); Mike Egan (2/1) vs Dennis Swan; and Mike Hyams over David Stewart.  During the week Robin Bone beat Lyall Brown 3/2 to take the final semi-final spot.  On Saturday – Robin will be playing Sid, but the match between Mike Hyams and Mike Egan will be played later.