With only one round to go in the Summer Cup there are a number of players in contention.  William Kelly held his lead from Round 3 and now sits on 114pts (best 3 rounds count).  Andy Horsfall and Erik Jorgensen have moved to 111pts, just 3pts behind.  However, there are 4 players who have only played 2 rounds so far and if they can post a good score this Saturday, they will have every chance of moving into the top places.
William Kelly 114
Andy Horsfall & Erik Jorgensen 111
David Smith & Darren Soo 109
Angus Mackie 75
Nick Lovegrove & Warwick Lewis 73
Gavin Tobin 72 
They have all played just 2 rounds.  The full results are posted in the lobby of the Men's Locker Rooms.
The Qualifying rounds for the Match Play Champs start on Saturday February 13th.  The entry form is on our web site. There are 25 entries in the Open/Intermediate Grades, and 34 entries in the Junior/C & D Grades so far.