Mid-Week Captains
The Round of 32 (first round of Match Play) was cancelled last Wednesday due to the lock-down.  This round was played this Wednesday and subsequent rounds have all been pushed back a week.  Biggest wins of the day went to Colin McGowan (7/5) over Robin Bone & Erik Jorgensen (5/4) over Tada Wada.  Next Wednesday is the Round of 16.
Club Championships – Match Play Qualifying
Open Grade - It was necessary to have a play-off to determine the last 3 places in this very competitive field.  Roger Hudson was the player to miss out – bowing out to Chris Blair, Barry Hall and William Kelly.  The leading scores were:
Matthew Cormack (142), Kahu Tataurangi (145) and Nathan Smith (147).
Intermediate Grade - Another competitive division, but no play-off required fortunately.  Kailesh Patel was 7 shots clear of the next qualifiers at the top.  Top qualifiers were:
Kailesh Patel (160), Don Hannam, Dean Palmer and Oliver Foote (167)
Junior Grade - This is another tight division, with David Hartstone making the field after Colin McGowan chose to withdraw from the play-off.  Bruce Renshaw was our top qualifier on 172.  Close behind were Erik Jorgensen (173) and Andrew Williams (174).
C Grade - There were only 8 qualifiers in the final field, led by Keny Taylor (185).  As a result this division will move straight to the Quarter Finals stage on March 6th.
D Grade - As there were only 11 qualifiers in this division several players will receive byes in the first round.  The top qualifiers were Robin Bone and Mike Hyams on 190.
All match play draws have been posted in the Men’s Locker Room.  Please enter the results as these matches are played so that the draw for the following rounds can be posted.