The good weather just keeps rolling on.  The first round of Vets Cup match play was held on May 5th - 16 qualifiers in handicap match play.  Nearly all of the matches were very close with only Keith Aitchison (over John Tutt) and Colin Smith (over Dennis Simpson) getting somewhat comfortable wins.
Allan McSkimming after being 4down to Songvut Manoonpong won his match on the 1st extra hole, while Warwick Lewis and David Stewart also went down the 19th.  Warwick won the match that see-sawed back and forth.  In the other matches - Bryan Davies won 1up over Don Campbell; Colin McGowan 2/1 over Bruce Aitken; Mark Carroll 2up over Cameron Fyfe and John Sims 2/1 over Ivan Letica.
The Quarter final matches next Wednesday will see the following match-ups:
Bryan Davies vs Allan McSkimming
Colin McGowan vs Mark Carroll
Warwick Lewis vs John Sims
and Keith Aitchison vs Colin Smith.
This Saturday it is the Presidents Foursomes - 2 rounds of stableford foursomes, and the following weekend it is the second round of the Booth Cup.