In the Vets Cup semi-finals there was one convincing victory (Keith Aitchison over Warwick Lewis), and one very close match (Mark Carroll beating Allan McSkimming).
Keith won the first 2 holes, and then a string of holes from the 5th to 8th,  Putting him 6up at the turn, Warwick was playing catch-up and the match finished on the 13th green - a win to Keith by 6/5.
Meanwhile Mark and Allan were in a see-saw contest.  Allan won the first, but Mark countered by winning the 3rd and 5th.  Allan's par on the 8th brought the match back to square at the turn.  Allan then won 10 & 11, before Mark won the 13th, 14th and 15th to be 1up going to the 16th hole.  Allan won the 16th with one of his shots, but Mark got back in front with a par on the 17th.  When they both had pars on the last hole, it confirmed Mark as the winner by just 1up.
Next Wednesday it's Mark vs Keith, with Mark giving Keith 9 shots on today's handicaps.  Play well, gentlemen.